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[IP] Re: Unexpected Highs/Rapid Drops, I Give Up

Thanks to all who responded, I guess it's time to put this to rest.
To answer any of the main questions--yep, I checked on different meters, yes,
I washed my hands, and no I didn't stack boluses because this happens always a
good length of time since the last one.

I think I only confused my educator, we have determined also that I don't
count restaurant food quite accurately enough, and I need to use the Square
wave more.

Is it the Novolog? I don't know.
Will I ever get this pumping thing figured out?  I don't think so.  Those of
you who freak out over a 7 or 8 A1C ought to be in some of our shoes where we
just cant seem to put everything together and come up with any kind of
success.  I've been through three Endos, and two Educators and it isn't
getting any easier.
Sorry for the vent, but I am frustrated.
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