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[IP] Re: Need some help

>>> I think that I have read
somewhere in these posts that sites that are left in longer than recommended
can cause highs.  Am I mistaken?  The reason I ask is because I left my site
in for 4 days (just changed it a few hours ago) and I have had 3 readings
today that were in the 200's.>>>

Were these high readings *after* you changed your site, or before? If
before, you might have overextended the use of the site, if after the change
you had the highs, you may not have inserted into a good site. This is part
of YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

>>> Another question is about air bubbles in the tubing.  On a few occasions
I have noticed Air bubbles in my tubing close to the reservoir end.  <snip>
Well, sometimes I wait too long and they end up going into me.  Is this
harmful? >>>

It is not harmful *air wise*, but is harmful in that you have missed insulin
going into you. When I started using SofSets (after 10 years of straight
needles we bent ourselves and saw a drip come out the end when inserted) I
did not know the prime *after* the introducer needle was to go *inside* me,
I was missing 0.5u of insulin each site change. That shot me up to around
300 each time until I had a meal bolus. Oh, yeah, all meals were on time and
bolused the same amount. So, if you are insulin sensitive, those bubbles may
do a job on your BGs. ;-)

>>> I know that I am missing insulin because I am getting air instead of
insulin.  Should I take a little bolus to cover this? >>>

I think it would be better to find the source of the bubbles to eliminate
them. Do a search on IP for *Bubbles* and there are some real good posts
concerning them, their cause, and elimination suggestions.

>>> I don't know how the bubbles get there, because I make sure to get
them out when I fill the reservoir.  >>>

If you are using cold insulin, the natural warming of it next to your body
and general living will help to form those bubbles. I get a new vial out of
the fridge and make sure it is room temp before using it. Then it stays out
of the fridge until it's gone. Only my unopened, unused Humalog is in the
fridge. I do not have bubbles. This works for me. ;-)

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