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RE [IP] Need some help

not necessarily that uncommon.... (if you'll assume, for a minute, that i am

it MIGHT be this....

 often, when i change, i go up.... its like i need to "saturate" the site,
 the insulin flows out from it (this may not be accurate, just an
(i do all the proper things, like priming, including the canula)

id like to think, that when i change, i should ALWAYS do a small ADDITIONAL
bolus, BUT,
sometimes, when i change.... im fine.

 im not so sure, just what it is, but, in my case, it DOES appear, to be
that does occur in me

AND, when this does occur, i bolus, like a mad man.... i keep pumping it in.

my normal correction rate, seems to be doubled.
finally, it does go down, and im back, to my so called, normal self (without
gloing low).

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