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Re: [IP] Re: educational game about pumps

> > . I'd be interested in your feedback on
> > whether or not you think it is helpful and/or would be a useful link
> > on the IP website.
> Michael, I have copied this site into my favourites list. Over the next
> I will get my 3 kids to try it out (ages 8, 11 and 13) and I'll report
> with their verdict.

unfortunately, i couldn't even play the game since it kept telling me that
it required windows 2000.  it could be that it just doesn't like me, but if
it's not usable on windows 95 or 98 (i have 98), than it's pretty useless
for a lot of people.  that's just my opinion.  poking around, it does look
like it's aimed a very young folk, but beyond that, i cannot say.
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