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Re: [IP] Need some help

yes Sheree, 4 days with a set could have had something to do with your 
higher BGs. Some people can keep them in longer than others.
Are air bubbles harmful? No, those little air bubbles wont hurt you if they 
get inside you, but could may block the tubing if theyre big enough. They 
also displace insulin that would have gone into you. Say you bolus 2 units, 
but an air bubble takes up 0.5u (a big bubble) of that bolus, youre getting 
1.5units.  A way to keep bubbles out of your tubing is to clip it so the 
tubing comes out beneath the pump. By doing this, any bubbles that form will 
rise to the plunger instead of being drawn into the tubing. Small bubbles 
should be of little concern. It helps to have room temperature insulin when 
you fill your reservoir, but some usually form anyway.

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[IP] Need some help


To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Need some help
From: email @ redacted
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 00:42:43 EST
Reply-To: email @ redacted


I've been pumping for 2 weeks today with my clear paradigm.  I absolutely
love it!  I do have a small concern though.  I think that I have read
somewhere in these posts that sites that are left in longer than recommended
can cause highs.  Am I mistaken?  The reason I ask is because I left my site
in for 4 days (just changed it a few hours ago) and I have had 3 readings
today that were in the 200's.  I am just wondering what could have caused
this, because I have had good readings until now.
Another question is about air bubbles in the tubing.  On a few occasions I
have noticed Air bubbles in my tubing close to the reservoir end.  I thought
that I would wait until they got closer to the other end and then I would
disconnect and bolus them out.  Well, sometimes I wait too long and they end
up going into me.  Is this harmful?  I know that I am missing insulin 
I am getting air instead of insulin.  Should I take a little bolus to cover
this?  I don't know how the bubbles get there, because I make sure to get
them out when I fill the reservoir.  Thanks for any info.

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