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[IP] Re: Unexpected Highs/Rapid Drop Update

> <<It is really scary to drop 150 points in less than an hour!>>

My daughter's correction boluses often work extremely quickly on her.  But 
not always.  Most typically the Novolog is finished 90 percent of its action 
by 60-75 minutes; Humalog was the same.  She will easily drop 150 points in 
an hour.  In fact one time she had dropped about 400 points in 75 minutes; 
(this is when we were having a terrible time with what turned out to likely 
be a faulty box of Quick-sets.)

The ""unused insulin rule"" as described in Walsh's book is just a starting 
point for individuals to work from. It definately does not apply to everyone. 

Barbara, mum of Claire 8
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