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[IP] Is there anyone else like this?

Hi All:
Well, I nearly put my Endo  into cardiac arrest the other day! I am very 
diligent with testing my bg's, I called my Endo with my numbers the other day 
and she went nuts on me! In order for me to function, I have to be low, 48 is 
ideal for me! If I soar and hit 160...I fall apart. I get sick to my stomach, 
I get thirsty, and I get so tired! My Endo told me I was "wrong" about my 
needing to be low. Does anyone else feel "better" being low? I get concerned 
when I hit 32, then its glucose time. I do not pass out, I feel absolutely no 
different at 32 than I do at 48. Am I incorrect to believe that every 
diabetic does not and can not follow the standards laid out in medical books, 
and that we are all completely different?
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