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[IP] Need some help

I've been pumping for 2 weeks today with my clear paradigm.  I absolutely 
love it!  I do have a small concern though.  I think that I have read 
somewhere in these posts that sites that are left in longer than recommended 
can cause highs.  Am I mistaken?  The reason I ask is because I left my site 
in for 4 days (just changed it a few hours ago) and I have had 3 readings 
today that were in the 200's.  I am just wondering what could have caused 
this, because I have had good readings until now.
Another question is about air bubbles in the tubing.  On a few occasions I 
have noticed Air bubbles in my tubing close to the reservoir end.  I thought 
that I would wait until they got closer to the other end and then I would 
disconnect and bolus them out.  Well, sometimes I wait too long and they end 
up going into me.  Is this harmful?  I know that I am missing insulin because 
I am getting air instead of insulin.  Should I take a little bolus to cover 
this?  I don't know how the bubbles get there, because I make sure to get 
them out when I fill the reservoir.  Thanks for any info.
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