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On Wednesday, April 2, 2003, Linda Kelly <email @ redacted> 

>> I find occasionally (particularly in the morning) that the insulin 
>> from
>> the breakfast bolus just doesn't get working very quickly.
> Changing insulin/carb ratio often works.
> I sometimes use a 1:5 insulin:carb ratio for breakfast, esp if there 
> is fat
> in it.  Linda K
  Changing the ratio to more insulin per carb wouldn't work for this 
situation unless I was just going to continue sitting there.  What I am 
describing are times when the insulin  does work eventually, it just 
doesn't get started until I get started, so to speak <gr.>.  So if I 
was taking more of it, I would end up low. (You were talking about 
changing it in that direction, weren't you?  I don't know what your 
usual ratio is.)

Linda Z
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