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[IP] new cosmo/testing in school

Tangi wrote:

"I talked to Kali's school nurse about testing in her classroom while 
we are
adjusting to the pump.  and she acted like it was no big deal for her 
to go
to the clinic 5 or 6 times during the day just to test her bs."

What state do you live in?  In North Carolina, it is the law that 
diabetic children are permitted to test their blood sugar, and treat 
their lows, anytime and anywhere on school property.  It's a relatively 
new law.  I'm not sure what the laws are in other states, but I'm 
hoping the NC law could become a model.

Now, I'll guess that Kali's school thinks that they are protecting her 
by forcing her to go to the nurse's office - if their mindset is that 
children can't be trusted to take care of themselves, and that for 
Kali's own protection she needs a trained medical professional to 
interpret and act on her blood sugar measurements.   For some children, 
this paternalism may be appropriate; I take it that you are confident 
that Kali doesn't need this.   If you don't have a North Carolina-like 
law, the best bet may be to show the school nurse/principal that Kali 
is mature and responsible enough to take care of herself.  Surely the 
nurse has other things to do anyway than checking her blood sugar six 
times a day!

  - Maria
pumpmama to Sigrid AS OF TODAY!
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