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Re: [IP] educational game about pumps

You have to download the game(why cant you just play on line)
I thought it was kinda cheesy
 when the boy eat breakfast you put the stuff on his plate and push the pump and
then the eat button, i think there should have been some examples of carb ratios
or a calculation or something.
 I have heard that the logic have more features which i think should have been
included in the game but as far as testing the boy you just click the meter and
get a number (so simulation of pricking, inserting a stip)
 The girl shes from the sixtys and in one part she supposdly eat some bush and
goes high and the boy goes in and

i think i an going to give away the story
but it is an all right game for people mentally younger than me(15 y/o)

 Ok if you want the end of the story play the game or tell me you want to know
the end.

Emily Rush
MM Paradigm 4/2002 

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