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RE: [IP] Unexpected highs/Rapid Drops Update

You're not the only one who drops rapidly sometimes.

Have you:
- Changed site insertion locations?  Is the site over a major muscle group?
- Any difference in stress or activity level?
- Verified basal rates?

The l dropped quickly (like you described) I treated using the Unused
Insulin Rule and wound up high.  It seemed like the insulin had been
absorbed faster than normal.  Hope you can figure out what is happening to

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Thanks to those who have written.  Yes, I do wash and dry my hands really
and it still happens.  I also go check on a different Ultra meter, and it is
about 25 points within the other meter.  So, there is this darn 300 or
and the correction bolus just slams it down in an hour or less.  This is
different from a situation I had today, where I obviously undercounted at a
church pot-luck, and ended up with a high that took over two hours to go
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