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Re: [IP] Re:My recent hospital stay

Thanks Jackie.  Your message is giving me the inspiration I need to add my
story now.

As we all recall, I placed myself in lurker mode sometime ago.  It was meant
to be for one week, but ended up being closer to three weeks.

I was having left sided brain problems in that intermittently I was dropping
stuff  I tried to carry in my right hand and after one week I developed an
intermittent speech block.   Probably the speech thing was the hardest to
deal with.  As well as writing a lot, I also like to talk a lot and it was
very frustrating to no be able to talk!

I was referred to a neurologist who put me in the hospital for tests.  My
left carotid artery had three ulcerative blockages varying from 75% down to
25%.  Three days later I had an enderectomy (sp?).  My carotid artery was
opened and scraped clean.  After ten days of hospitalization I was released
to go home and continue to recuperate.

Like Jackie, I was allowed to monitor my blood sugars and make corrections
with my pump.  The hardest thing I had to deal with was the food service
department.  I was supposed to receive an 1800 calorie ADA diet.  This was
much to high in carbohydrates for me and I spoke with the dietician who
decided I was not a flake.  I was supposed to get what I ordered and not the
ADA diet.  On the last day there, I did get what I ordered.  On the bright
side, I lost 10 pounds while I was in there.

My final diagnoses was Transient Ischemic Attack (I had at least one a day
for two weeks).  Over all, I am much better.  There was some residual
effects though.  If I am ever asked to walk heel to toe by a police officer,
I'll just hold my hands out to be cuffed.  I can't do that on my best day

Jackie, I'm not sure what small vessel disease is.  Can you tell us more.


who is also on 3 blood thinners, and 3 blood pressure meds.  Not to mention
the 18 other medications.  I don't eat anymore. I take meds!
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