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[IP] re priming after exercise+SARS

The only reason I would prime after exercise if I had kept my pump attached
to the site, would be if I tested and was above my bs goal. If you
disconnect while the pump is suspended I've found that one has to prime a
little to get the flow back. If I disconnect I usually leave the pump
working and then prime what basal insulin I've missed after my hour long
bath.:) For some reason I need to replace the lost insulin after a bath but
not after an aerobics class, he he. I stay hooked up but suspended during
classes or else they have to peel me off the floor from a low. As usual,
YMMV. I'm getting my new paradigm on April 14th so am looking forward to
clipping it on the shower curtain and not having to remember my today number
( insulin so far) when I finally reconnect! I think Jan posted the tip of
writing the number down, but I am always sure I'll remember it, lol.
Winnie Sue and Pooh, who has to pick a more "techno" name with my new clear
pump coming!
Ps Only one case of suspected SARS in NB and the foolish principal went to
school feeling ill after a trip to Hong Kong! I hope if it is SARS he/she
didn't spread it around the whole school!
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