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No Subject

>> On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> Anita:  That's what my educator just asked me--were you exercising.  
>>> But no, I
>>> wasn't.  I just find these unexpected 300's and then treat them and 
>>> watch
>>> things fall really fast.  Normally, you cant get the darn BG to go 
>>> down fast
>>> enough, but these are very rapid (and she said that is a bit 
>>> unusual.)

Another possibility:

I find occasionally (particularly in the morning) that the insulin from 
the breakfast bolus just doesn't get working very quickly.  This most 
commonly occurs if I sit down at the computer right after breakfast, 
rather than moving around some. (This is one time that i-p is NOT a 
help to blood sugar control <gr.>)  It may be more likely with certain 
site locations for me.  If this were the case, and I treated the highs, 
I would go down awfully quickly, because I would have the new insulin 
plus the unused insulin from the first bolus, which is likely to start 
working once I get up from the computer <gr.>.  So I don't treat a high 
after breakfast if I have just been sitting around, unless it persists 
after I get my metabolism going (or, of course, it is really high and I 
am feeling bad from it).

Linda Z
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