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Re: RE [IP] Gettn' High... Goin' Low

The thing is, is the way Humalog works, is it takes 4 hours. It doesn't 
absorb any faster (typically). I mean some people do absorb faster and you 
can cause a faster drop if you exercise, etc. but it's described in the 
specification that comes with Humalog.
It doesn't work any faster unless you take an over dose of it. If you take 
enough to bring you to your desired goal in one hour, you are going to have 
3 more hours of unabsorbed insulin in your system to deal with. That really 
makes for a roller coaster affect.

> >I don't believe you really want it to go down any faster than that. If it
> >would drop suddenly with corrections how does one know it has *stopped* at
> >the level tested? It may still be dropping, causing trouble later. Our
> >bodies feel better if it takes a few hours rather than *suddenly* reaching
> >our goal.
>the way i feel about it, and, im in no way, saying it makes ANY sense at
>is, i get a bit upset at myself, if i go near, or over 200.
>(id like to get it down, in 2 seconds, if i could).
>(maybe, im just a little too NUTS, about this, BUT....BEFORE i get any
>flack, or questions,
>reguarding  "MY Quality of life"
>let me assure ALL (all those who care), that my quailty of life, has always
>been GREAT,
>and pumping, has just made it BETTER (though, maybe a little nuts-er) )
>i guess what im asking, is, though it might FEEL better, to do it, slowly,
>how does the body feel about it....
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