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Re: [IP] Question for Cozmo users -- battery

I got a little further in to reading my IP messages to see that the Cozmo is
still on your list of possibilities. I sort my messages by subject so that
are not in chronological order. I was wondering why you would ask about the
Cozmo battery when you were awaiting arrival of your Animas.

Anyway, I forgot to add to my battery answer of 3 weeks that I keep mine on
vibrate. I know that is supposed to shorten the battery life.

Although insurance does not cover the battery life, the added out-of-pocket
expense, to me, is well worth having the Cozmo. The unused insulin and
automatic calculation of corrections had been wonderful for me. If I could
just get exercise figured out I would be doing great.

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo pumping 01/07/03

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Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 1:38 AM
Subject: [IP] Question for Cozmo users -- battery

> I'm interested in hearing from those presently using the Cozmo pump, most
> especially if you use all the extra features and the backlight to boot,
> I'll take feedback from any Cozmo user.
> I know they are saying the battery lasts longer than the Paradigm's does.
> don't remember what the official word is, (and my rep didn't mention the
> Paradigm, but I know it wasn't estimated as 1-2 weeks, either) but it was
> surprising how long they were saying.  But I want an answer as to how long
> battery lasts from real live users.
> The AAA battery is advertized as a plus.  In my mind it isn't that at all.
> AAA means two things, neither of them good.  1) Insurance won't pay for
> and 2) the battery life is GOING to be shorter than those who use other
> batteries have experienced.  YMMV.
> Kristen
> dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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