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 It's not a "false alarm". All hospitals in Ontario are now closed to visitors,
patient transfers and non-essential surgery to prevent the spread of this
 There are thousands in quarantine in Toronto. Be thankful there is only one
where you live.
 I haven't heard diabetics mentioned specifically (like they did with the ecoli
outbreak) but SARS is allegedly worse for "the elderly, children and those with
suppressed immune systems" which I guess would include us, so I am staying away
from hospitals, clinics and airports.
Stay healthy,

 It here! We have one person in voluntary confinment and both hospitals locked
their doors at 3:30pm, anyone who enters has to put on a mask before entering
 and, I got a call at the flower shop this afternoon saying all flower
have been suspended until further notice!!

Hopefully its a false alarm and it doesn't spread !!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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