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Re: [IP] I've ordered my pump (kinda long)

> I think that it must be your doctor's office.  I  looked at every pump, on
> the market. called and watched every tape.

I KNOW that's my doctor's office.  The sad thing is that they aren't the
only office like that.  Hopefully, though, they are in the minority.

I researched them all without any help from them.  The only reaction I got,
when they found out I was looking elsewhere, was "I hope you're not

I hope not, too.  Given how many people ARE actually happy with their non-MM
pumps, I'm not nearly so worried about it as they seem to be, especially
since, after careful consideration, I determined that both of MM's offerings
WOULD be a disappointment.

I guess I'm right back on my soap box.  I may take residence there until I
get the opportunity to infuse those in my endo's office with a little common
sense.  (Ah-oh.  That may be forever.)

I do have to say, though, having used MM for twelve years, that they make
FINE products.  Excellent ones.  It just so happens that what they are
presently offering doesn't happen to fit me and my needs.  Your mileage most
certainly may vary.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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