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Re: [IP] Re Warranty almost up

> I
> am really hesitant to get involved with a new pump which may give me
> but I don't want to have to pay to have my 507C repaired if I have a
> with it.  I understand that I could get ins on it but that is also very
> expensive.  I am wondering what anyonelse is doing in this situation.

Do realize that in spite of the incredible amount of time spent on this list
with problems with a pump that require replacement, these problems are rare
(especially for pumps under warranty!).  The vast majority of the pumps out
there are reliable -- even the ones that have a very bad reputation on this
list.  (Another factor to consider is that a number of problems requiring
replacement are not problems that stop the pump's operation.  They are used
until the replacement arrives.)

There is likely a customer with every pump out there who could tell you a
horror story about it.  (Problems, I've noticed, seem to bring along their
friends to torment the same people repeatedly!  My sympathies to those
dealing with those gremlins and their friends.)

Try not to worry about it.  Go with the pump that seems best to you and go
from there.

Of course, if the chances of failure are worrisome to you, Disetronic makes
some great pumps, and you will always have a spare that way.  I've trialed a
Dtron plus, and can tell you that the way it operates would be incredibly
easy for you to get used to after using a MM.  They are really very similar.
And I have yet to hear of any of those Disetronics with back up having the
back up die while the primary was being serviced!  (If it HAS happened, it
hasn't happened often!)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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