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Re: [IP] I've ordered my pump (kinda long)

Well, here is an update.  I mentioned before that I went ahead and ordered
an Animas, and also the letter that I sent to the Deltec rep about it.  Not
surprisingly, there has been some action on the Deltec end of things.

My new Animas is set to arrive Wednesday.  At least that's what I was told.
And I am also supposed to receive a Cozmo for a trial either Wednesday or

I know this is terribly inconsistent, but I think it worthwhile to have the
trial and be sure.  I had a hard time making the decision to take the
Animas, but when they gave me a one day deal, the thing that made me take it
was remembering the 30 day money back guarantee.  And if I remember
correctly, that 30 days begins the day you hook up the pump.  I'm not even
set to be trained yet on it.  I figured it was worth a try.

The Deltec rep was, naturally VERY apologetic.  I have told about that here,
too.  The Deltec rep was going to give a loaner to my doctor's office for
them to keep and loan out themselves.  They are die-hard MM people there.
They said the only way they would consider it was if their two "pump nurses"
trialed it themselves.  They used the Cozmo as one would use a MM pump
(without any of the features which would be quite useful to some people),
and gave it a very lukewarm review.  (When your standard is, "It's not a
MM," it is very hard for any other brand to measure up.)  They returned both
loaners without loaning them out after their trials.  Presently, they aren't
returning the Deltec rep's phone calls.

Then, shortly after I got referred to the Logimedix rep for a trial, the
recall happened.  So no loaner was available again.  I'm not clear on this,
but I'm thinking my trial may be with an unreplaced (prior to the recall)
pump, which isn't a problem.  I can just do correction boluses the way they
are supposed to be done.

I'm hanging onto that Animas pump, but I'm not starting on it just yet.  One
more trial left to go.

The features of the Cozmo that I care about are the blood sugar checking
reminders, the site change reminders, and the keeping track of unused
insulin still in your body.  I can compensate for all of them -- except for
the tracking of the unused insulin.  (That can be quite complicated when you
snack all afternoon and took some insulin an hour ago and more two hours
ago!)  Is that one feature so much better than the Animas that I need it
instead?  That's what my trial should help me figure out.  Presently, I'm
leaning toward keeping the pump that I've got in my name.

While I've got your attention, please indulge me while I  climb up on my
soapbox for a moment.  I am so FED UP with the attitude I see in my doctor's
office.  One pump (or one pump manufacturer) fits all.  There are MANY
differences between the various pumps.  Some vibrate while others don't.
Some are waterproof while others are not.  One offers prefilled cartridges
and a spare, while the others don't offer those options.  Some have fancy
features (that for some individuals are totally unnecessary, while for
others are incredibly practical) and others do not.

Why do they do this?  Why, when you mention the words "new pump," do they
bring the latest MM and present it as your only choice?  They are doing a
total disservice to their patients, operating this way!  There are
attractive features and reasons to buy EVERY PUMP on the market today, but
they can't figure that out.  They still think one size fits all.  That
doesn't work with clothes, and it most certainly doesn't work with insulin
pumps.  I know that.  WHY DON'T THEY?!?

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.  I feel better now.  (But
not quite as much better as I would feel if I could shape them up in my
doctor's office! ;-)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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