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Re: [IP] Doctors?

> I have already been given some names for endos in Asheville, NC
> about ob/gyn?  We plan on trying for a kid soon so I would like to find a
> good ob/gyn who knows dm and get to know them.

My endo suggested to me a FABULOUS ob/gyn who most definitely knew diabetes.
He delivered both of my children.

No guarantees that your endo can do the same, but it's worth a try.  With
mine, it worked out perfectly.  My endo did one afternoon every other week
in the ob/gyn's office for "diabetes in pregnancy clinic."  Not only did I
have a great doctor, but I even had one stop shopping -- got to see my endo,
too, without scheduling two different appointments.  If only all diabetic
women could be so fortunate.

Just a thought.  It may not work out, but it is certainly worth asking

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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