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Re: [IP] Need Help with Cozmo IR port

>I finally got the software for my Cozmo. It was very expensive because I had
>to buy a new computer to go with it. Now that I have it I can't get the pump
>to talk with the IR port. I know somebody else had problems with this. What
>was the resolution?
>Thanks for any help,
>Sue (Memphis)

Sue, when the rep was demonstrating the Cozmo at the support group in 
Dallas, she had all sorts of problems getting it to communicate. 
Turns out the problem was the florescent lighting, that interferes 
with the Infra-Red waves.  If you are in an area with florescent 
lighting, make a "shade" to keep that light out of the Infra-Red 
path.  Just a few pages of a magazine "tented" over that path would 

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