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[IP] Re:My recent hospital stay

On March 1st I was in the ER having a CVA.  Went in with my left side totally 
numb and was unable to walk..  I had had a stroke several hours earlier.  Of 
course, I had my pump on and completely alert etc.

It was determined to be the same cause as 4 yrs ago.  Small Vessel Disease 
caused by the big D.  I was already on Plavick and ASA along with 2 blood 
pressure meds.

Anyway, they were told I have a pump and I guess my physician told them too 
let me do my own blood testing and my own treatment during my stay.  The 
nurse came in before every meal and at bedtime and asked for my BG.  It was 
awesome to so easily be given the responsibility for my own Diabetic care.

I was in the hospital for 2 wks. and started therapy the last week.  I now go 
3 times per week for occupational and physical therapy.  Am using a walker 
and ready to graduate to a cane.  Still unstable on my feet and legs but am 
able to get around rather well.  The numbness is gone from everywhere but my 
left arm and hand.  Being that I have severe neuropathy in my hands as well, 
I am and will continue to have trouble le with them.  Hey, God was very good 
to me...................could have been much worse!!!!  I will get over 
My question is, have any of you  been diagnosed with "small vessel desease?
Jackie P  now on 3 blood thinners and 3 blood pressure meds.  UGH
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