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Re: [IP] Paradigm screen

>I've now upgraded to the paradigm and with spring here and the weather
>improving, I've been spending more times outside. I've noticed that when
>outdoors, or indoors near a window on bright days, the screen on my
>is mottled, multi-coloured and difficult to read. I know this was mentioned
>some time last summer but I had a 508 then and no intention of upgrading.
>this something that can be corrected or is it something I just have to live
>with? Yes, I can shade the screen when trying to read it but it is an
>inconvenience. How have others dealt with/resolved this? Thanks. . . Donna

I found that it actually improves after a while.  The screen literally has
to "cure" over time.   After a couple months of owning my Paradigm, the
mottled look only showed up in extremely bright light, or when I wore my
sunglasses, but even then it wasn't too bad.  However, when I first had it,
it was rather annoying.  I'm not sure there is anything that can be done
about it short of Minimed using a different material.  It is the nature of
that type of material, and how it takes time for it to fully cure.  (Kind of
how it takes concrete 6 months to a year to cure fully.)

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