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Re: [IP] extreme weather

My daughter has a ultra and the only time we saw hot was when we left it in
the car, in the summer. we live in central fl.  so I would call that

mom to kali 10 and ryley 4
we just received our cosmo today :)
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> In 10+ years, I never had a problem with my pump or the tubing or the
> insulin...none that I can attribute to weather...and I have lived/been in
> kinds of climates (and many of them in the last 3 months.....NY blizzard,
> beach, Chicago blizzard, San Fran humidity).  I tend to keep the meter out
> the sun if possible, like under my towel or in my pocket and the tubing
> I will say I am extremely irritated at the stupid meter companies - I went
> for a 7.5 mile hike today in Sabino Canyon...this is MARCH....and the
> freaking thing said H (for too hot to work) 1/2 way up!!!..what am I
> to do, GUESS what my blood sugar is???  carry a COOLER with me?  please, I
> was lucky to have the bottle of water, a power bar and a roll of dextabs
> (this was an impromptu adventure - one that could have NEVER happened on
> injections).  Why can't they make these stupid things CONSISTENTLY
> accurate and operable?!??!?  Why do we have to have new and fancier ones
> record all kinds of crap when all we really need is one that WORKS ALL THE
> TIME!?!?!?  are you LISTENING meter makers???
> So this is the Fast take in march...what happens when it WARMS UP in, say,
> JULY...i live in Tucson, by the way.  how does the ULTRA do in heat?  is
> better than the fast take?  i have never had a problem with the Profile
> is my usual meter, despite its 45 second read time, but it is just too big
> fit in my belly bag...which is why I had the stupid FAST (but only when it
> cool enough to work) TAKE in there...god, this just irritates the *&#^&
> me
> SSP...who is going to be sipping a pina colado on a sail boat in the
> caribbean in less than 48 hours, and MAN does she need it...guess I better
> get cracking on those NY state taxes..any CPAs in here with help on this
> part-year resident garbage??  i could use it about now...
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