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[IP] Animas and MM Softsets

email @ redacted writes:
>Subject: [IP] Animas and Minimed Sofsets
>Hi All;
>I just switched over to the Animas pump but because I like and have
>plenty of sofset infusion sets I have stay with them.
>My only problem is that the small plastic winged piece that is right at
>the top of the is pinching me in the sides when I wear my pump on my
>waist band. I was thinking that there is something that is made of soft
>plastic foam that could placed around the top. It will be worth a trip
>to home depot. Has any one else solved this problem?
>Gail Donohue

  Do you mean the Animas clip? The clip was always digging into my side so I
started using the leather case instead. I like the case too because it protects
my pump.
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