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Re: [IP]re: UltraSmart

At 07:38 PM 4/1/03 -0500, you wrote:
>You said you can FAX all the info to your doctor from the reports ...why not
>send them as an attachment via an email??  Oh, maybe your doc doesn't do
>email.  Igues I'm spoiled with my son's endo who is a true believer in using
>I am really happy about the good reports of the UltraSmart.  I am looking
>into getting one for Josh.  They have some trade-in programs and a $30.00
>mail in rebate right now so I think I will take advantage.  Oh, the trade-in
>is for ANY non-Lifescan meter.  The One Touch Ultra is not included in the
>trade-in at this time.  That's OK with me!!
>mom to Joshua

It also includes the One Touch Profile (only LifeScan meter eligible).

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