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Re: [IP] Surgery w/ and w/o Glucowatch

Can someone tell me more about this glucowatch?? What does it do? Who
makes it? etc.

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email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Surgery w/ and w/o Glucowatch
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> >Just wanted to post my experience this year regarding minor surgical
>procedures. > >In August, I had a minor abdominal procedure. My BG was
110 going >in, and 400 coming out. Despite lots of preparation and two
>meetings with the anasthesiologist, he panicked while I was under >and
my blood sugar went to 90, disregarded all orders, disconnected >my pump,
and (according to the nurse) "filled me full of glucose" >Since they
didn't keep the correct records of how much glucose they >gave me and
when, I had no idea of what I was bolusing for. >Needless to say, felt
like crap for two days with blinding headaches >and double vision (yes, I
did file a written complaint with his >practice group, and also told my
endo, who told all the endos in her >group to avoid this guy like the
plague). > >Last Friday, I had knee surgery. I decided to wear my
Glucowatch >this time. I wrote out instructions for operating both the
pump and >the watch and included my ratios and correction factor,
reviewed >them with the nurse and the surgeons, and gave copies to my
>boyfriend in the waiting room. I lowered my basals just a bit for >the 4
hours before the surgery so I would be a bit higher going in. >Went in at
147, came out at 167, and didn't receive any glucose >during the surgery.
At all times, the Glucowatch reading was within >20 points of my finger
stick reading. The only other >recommendations I can make is to make sure
you wear the watch well >away from where you think the IV site is going
to be , and warn the >folks about the potential for alarming. > >Sheri >
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