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[IP] Re: D-tron Plus questions

>As to the questions about the benefits of the diabetes management software 
>that is used on the D-tron pumps, the Insight program, which is free, 
>uploads all data from the pump, as well as all glucose monitoring records 
>from most all monitors, and integrates blood glucose readings on a 
>spreadsheet with the insulin readings from the pump.  This can be a great 
>tool for examining meal boluses and correction boluses.  It is the only 
>program I know of to have all insulin usage and monitor readings in one 
>report.  As far as Novolog is concerned, their 3 ml cartridge is a hair 
>different than Lilly's  and therefore not supposed to be used in the 
>D-tron Plus. Lilly came out with cartridges before Novo Nordisk and this 
>is the one that works in the pump.   That notwithstanding, the FDA has 
>approved only Novolog in pumps, although docs all over the country 
>routinely prescribe Humalog in pumps.  So go figure.  I use the Lilly 
>cartridges and love being liberated from dealing with drawing up 
>insulin.  Just pop the new cartridge in your good to go.  Just make sure 
>infusion sets are changed every 2-3 days.

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