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[IP] Surgery w/ and w/o Glucowatch

Just wanted to post my experience this year regarding minor surgical 

In August, I had a minor abdominal procedure.  My BG was 110 going in, and 
400 coming out.  Despite lots of preparation and two meetings with the 
anasthesiologist, he panicked while I was under and my blood sugar went to 
90, disregarded all orders, disconnected my pump, and (according to the 
nurse) "filled me full of glucose"  Since they didn't keep the correct 
records of how much glucose they gave me and when, I had no idea of what I 
was bolusing for.  Needless to say, felt like crap for two days with 
blinding headaches and double vision (yes, I did file a written complaint 
with his practice group, and also told my endo, who told all the endos in 
her group to avoid this guy like the plague).

Last Friday, I had knee surgery.  I decided to wear my Glucowatch this time. 
  I wrote out instructions for operating both the pump and the watch and 
included my ratios and correction factor, reviewed them with the nurse and 
the surgeons, and gave copies to my boyfriend in the waiting room.  I 
lowered my basals just a bit for the 4 hours before the surgery so I would 
be a bit higher going in.  Went in at 147, came out at 167, and didn't 
receive any glucose during the surgery.  At all times, the Glucowatch 
reading was within 20 points of my finger stick reading.  The only other 
recommendations I can make is to make sure you wear the watch well away from 
where you think the IV site is going to be , and warn the folks about the 
potential for alarming.


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