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Re: [IP] Re Warranty almost up

When my pump warranty was coming up, I contacted MM and they said they
couldn't replace the pump unless something mechanical was wrong with it.
They do have to tell your insurance company that something is wrong - like
keypad sticking or error messages. They gave me a date when the warranty
expired. I waited and became eligible for a new pump recently. I am going
with the paradigm because of the quiet motor and the size. I pray it will
all work out because they said the insurance company wouldn't confirm paying
for it until it was sent therefore billed to me. I can't open my box until
payment-I guess it is easier to return it unopened. My new pump "Gumby
Junior" is due to arrive on Thursday. Sharon B
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> My warranty on my MM 507C will be up in a few days.  I have decided to go
> with a MM 508 if I change pumps.  My MM 507C has been fine for years now.
> am really hesitant to get involved with a new pump which may give me
> but I don't want to have to pay to have my 507C repaired if I have a
> with it.  I understand that I could get ins on it but that is also very
> expensive.  I am wondering what anyonelse is doing in this situation.
> Kathie
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