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RE: [IP] cranberry juice?

 I've needed the remedying effects of cranberry juice in the past as well but
wanted to avoid the CHOs in the juice--as well as the bitter taste of the REAL
 My friend gave me her bottle of cranberries in capsule form that she had
purchased from Whole Foods or some other natural market. It's a bottle of
capsules with cranberries--dried and powdered, I suppose. But I was able to take
those instead of drinking all that juice and also avoided the bolusing. Don't
ask me why the capsule version wouldn't have the CHOs but that was my
 Maybe you'd like to try to find some of that "natural remedy" in capsule
 If you do the juice thing, why would it be any different from your other
average boluses? You'll just have taken more insulin those days b/c of the
increase in CHO intake--as I see it.
Good Luck!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00; 24 weeks pregnant:-)

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Subject: [IP] cranberry juice?

I drank light cranberry juice yesterday evening (27% sweetened with
Splenda) to battle an infection and my blood sugar has been  fine.  The
juice had 10 carbs per 8 ounce so I just took my regular bolus I would
for counting carbs.  I'm going to switch to 100% cranberry juice and
depending on how much of this I drink, it may end up being quite a few
more boluses than I would normally take for an average day.   Anyone else
ever have to do this?  Any one have any insight on this so I don't
overdo/underdo it?Thanks! Angela 
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