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Re: [IP] FW: Cozmo Infusion Sets

> Also I would assume that one would have
> to try one of each type ( 90 degree or angled) to determine which one is
> right for you.  How does one do that, can you get a sample of each from
> the pump company when you get your pump?, I would hate to purchase a
> box and find that I hated them, plus don't you have to have a
> prescription from your doctor for the type of set you use?

If Deltec only offers the angled type, then check with one of the other
companies, say MM & Disetronic, and ask for samples of their straight sets.
I personally highly recommend the Ultraflex.  I've spent most of my years on
the pump using straight ones.  I've experimented a little with the angled,
and it is comfortable in some areas that the straight ones are not, but I
find the straight ones easier to get in right.

I've heard some talk on here about MM charging for samples, which seems
ridiculous to me.  I got samples from them a few months ago, no problem.
Disetronic also sent me samples quite willingly.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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