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Re: [IP] question about insulin sensitivity

On Monday, March 31, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

>  My question centers around my sensitivity. Should I
> minimize my use of insulin (by focusing on a lower
> carbohydrate diet) and will this reduce the chance
> that I will become completely intolerant to the
> insulin. Or, in using more insulin am I desensitizing
> myself (almost like an allergy shot) to the insulin,

Oh, gosh, Meha, if you get an answer to this, please share.  I've been 
having a lot of trouble with itchy and/or irritated sites, and 
increased insulin dosage has seemed like a possible contributing 
factor.  Now I have HIVES (maybe it is just psychosomatic, because 
there was a couple posts about them recently <gr.>).  But I guess I 
will call the doctor in the morning to talk about a test for insulin 
sensitivity, as the CDE suggested.

Linda Z
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