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Re: [IP] Sites

> On 30 Apr 2002 at 17:38, email @ redacted wrote:
> > Is this a ridiculous question?  How are you able  to have your infusion set in
> > your butt?  How could you possibly see for insertion?  What am I missing?
> > Charlene ----------------------------------------------------------

The same way you put on your makeup, by standing in front of a full 
length mirror and looking at your backside. It is a learning process.

For instance, I can't tie my son's necktie when facing him because I 
alway tie my own looking in the mirror.... so.... I stand behind him 
and do it looking over his shoulder in the mirror and tie it that 
way. Set changes when you can't see them work the same way. If you 
are fortunate enough to be very limber and able to see what your 
doing by craning your neck, great.... otherwise look over your 
sholder in the mirror and do it that way :-)

email @ redacted
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