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[IP] Triathlon Training with pump


    I need some advice from someone who knows something about sports
training with the pump.   I have entered a mini-triathlon on May 18. I have
to swim 1/4 mile in a pool, bike 12 miles and run 3 mile.  I just started
running 2 weeks ago.  I can swim 1/4 mile but not using just one type of
stroke - which is ok but not very effecient.  The biking is no problem.
Anyway,  I am 49 yrs old and have never done anything like this before. My
CDE told me to do a temp basa of 1/2 my normal basal 1 1/2 to 2 hrs before I
start and eat 15 gms of carb every hr or 1/2 hr if I need it while training.
S've been trying this with various results.  For expample - today I bolused
less for my lunch at 12:30 because I was biking at 2:30.  I did a 1/2 temp
basal at 1:00p.  At 2:15p I was 226.  I was afraid to get too much higher
and still exercise so I bolus .3.  After biking 1/2 hr I was down to 155 -
great.  I biked another 1/2 hr - 148.  I have learned that afterwords I tend
to go high (I'm not sure why) so I bolus 1 1/2 U when I stopped at 3:30.  At
5pm  I am 225?????
I don't get it.  What am I doing wrong?  I am using Novolog and Quicksets -
the site was a very good one.  I called my CDE who suggest I call Medtronics
and see if they had anyone who could help with athletic training  They told
me they could not legally give that kind of advice.  Please don't suggest I
ask my DR.  He's the one that told me the pump was a "Nice Toy" for me.  I
live in a very small town so, I am out of resources.  Can anyone help me?


Babs Moffett
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