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RE: [IP] Sites

It's certinaly not a rediculous question because the logistics do take some
getting used to, but it is possible.

For myself I do it entirely by feel (using Silhouettes).  I pinch a couple
inches, shove the needle in quickly and decisively, then use my insertion
hand (right hand for right cheek, left hand for left cheek) to "roll" the
backing off the adhesive while simultaneously contacting it to my skin.
Pull off the rearward backing and secure it, then pull out the insertion
needle.  Sounds easy doesn't it?

I tried to do a soft-set back there once, and whie the serter put it in
easily enough, managing the tape proved to be too difficult to do on my own
without practice.

-Sara G.

P.S. - Unless, of course, you're talking about *IN* the butt, in which case
I can only say: "Whaaaaa???? Owww! Ewwww! No!"

-----Original Message-----
Is this a ridiculous question?  How are you able  to have your infusion set
in your butt?  How could you possibly see for insertion?  What am I missing?
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