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Re: [IP] Educate me

With the eception of the new MM Paradigm, all of the pumps and infusion sets 
are interchangable.  My Josh is pumping with the Dis H-Tron but we have been 
using the MM sets (sof-sets Micros and now Quick Sets) for about 1.5 years.  
It is nice that they have been considerate enough to make the pumps 
consistant to give the pumpers a choice for infusion sets.

We don't have extended or square wave bolusing but we do it manually.  I'm 
thinking that they are the same or very similar...the ability to break up a 
bolus over a period of time to compensate for fat content in the meal eaten.  
Your ma nual should explain all of that in there.  If not I'm sure you will 
get plenty of info from this list.  They're GREAT!!!!!!

mom to joshua
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