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[IP] Re: Pumping Insulin

>Hello All, Is the book PUMPING INSULIN useful for someone considering the 
>pump, or is it really intended as a user-guide for actual users? Thanks, Keith

Both.  I got the 2nd edition of Pumping Insulin from my library and read up 
on pumping before I got my pump.  I had used the bg log form in that 
edition to convince my endo that I really did need a pump (he was not 
totally convinced in the beginning since my A1c's were always at an 
excellent level).  The graph of my bg's showing the actual roller coaster 
ride I was having was the turning point.  After I started pumping I bought 
the 3rd edition (which had just come out) to help me fine tune my pump 
use.  And now, after 2 years, I still use it for reference.

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