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>Ever tried the Disetronic Ultraflex?

I did, and I had more problems with them than I did with the QuickSet.  For 
me, it seemed the UltraFlex had a considerable amount of resistance on 
insertion.  No matter how fast or how slow I tried to insert it, it went so 
far, then seemed to "snag" on something (me?) and I had to push again to 
finish the insertion.  This sometimes resulted in a crimped cannula.  No 
matter how many times I tried or how I changed my technique of insertion, I 
still found the same "snag point" on every insertion.  I can only surmise 
that it was at the point that the end of the cannula met the needle.  I 
never had any problems like this with the QuickSet, whether with manual 
insertion or using the inserter.  The QuickSet always inserted smoothly 
with no "snags".  And it was much easier for me to handle because of it's 
size and design.  YMMV.

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