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[IP] re: pump infusion set

<<Now, my problem.  I am trying to insert a 
soft-set infusion set, but
everytime I do, the pump tells me that the line 
is clogged (You know, that
No sign appears on the screen), so I remove the 
infusion set, only to find
the canula is bent.  (The same thing four times 

What am I doing wrong?  I've been inserting 
manually because the inserter
sent to me does not work.  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.  Thank


Hi Melany =)

   I had problems with the softset also and I switched
to the quicksets.  I started getting bent cannulas
with those also and now I am using sillouettes (sp?). 
It could be with the softsets that you are inserting
too deep or you may need to use the shorter cannula. 
A couple hours after exercising, I would get the "no
delivery" alarm and find that the set was getting
pushed out.  I haven't had any problems since I
switched to the sils about a month ago and infact I
can leave the site much longer or until I am ready to
change the reservior (if you have problems with
irritation or frequent infections I wouldn't recommend
leaving a site in more than 2-3 days).  It took me a
little while to get over my fear of the "big scary
needle", but after a couple of insertions with the
sil-serter I am not bothered anymore.  I have even
found that the tape on the sils sticks better to my
skin than the quicksets, even through sweat and bath
water.  You should call Minimed and/or the other pump
manufactures for samples of different infusions to
find out which one(s) work best for you.

Mystie & Slinky #2

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