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RE: [IP] Re: Fasting lab work with glucose tablets

Taking the glucose tab breaks the fast which taints the results.  Not
destroy mind you, merely taint.  If it's necessary then you simply do it,
there will always be another day to do the lab work if that's what's
required.  You should ask your doctor though, it may be that (s)he will be
satisfied with the tainted test as long as (s)he knows: A) Exactly what and
how much was ingested, and B) Exactly how long prior to the blood draw it
was done.  Having a pair of self-tests (The one which indicated the need for
the glucose tabs, and one taken at the same time as the blood draw)
certainly couldn't hurt recalibrating that number as well.  Ultimately the
fact that you WERE low and had a need for glucose tabs is as telling as any
specific number, ask you doctor though.

-Sara G.

-----Original Message-----
Can someone verify for me that, when having fasting lab work done early in
the am, it is permissible to ingest glucose tablets (if necessary) before
the lab tests?  I always thought I'd have to cancel the lab after a low,
but I'd like some confirmation either way.

Many thanks to the medically-savvy.

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