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Re: [IP] Logbooks

I've never really found a logbook I like. I always make my own because I also
want to have a section for Weight Watchers. etc., to record the food I eat, the
CHO and the weight watcher points system., I record if I change my sofset, etc.
I was recording the lot numbers of pump supplies. It gets to be a lot of

My log book has columns
time      glucose     hbs insulin    meal bolus insulin     total insulin
CHO    notes

Then I have a section that says what my basil rates are, my HBS ratio, insulin
to carb ratio, and stuff like that, and list of WW points associated with
certain foods.. I find it a pain printing them and binding them, but it seems
worth it in the end.

I also like to use the unused insulin rule and so I have a chart where I can
write down expected glucose.
"1 hour from now"
"2 hour from now"
"3 hour from now"
"4 hour from now" ... usually takes me 4 hours to get back to target providing
nothing else happens.

My body uses insulin at almost the exact rate that it says on the insulin
pamphlet (inside the box) so I guess I'm lucky. It's rather predictable.  In
humalog, it's about 30% per hour for the first 3 hours, then about 10% the last

It helps me manage when I know what to expect each hour.

If anyone would like a certain form made for your glucose, I can make a table,
that has what you need. Then I can make a PDF file out of it so you can
download it and print it.

I make them for a couple of people who like big print, like size 14, so they
can see it easier.
I think I've tried just about every format, size, shape, font there is. My
husband must think I'm a nut case. 8-)        "making another log book hey?"

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