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RE: [IP] He said/She said (was: Your City Policies!)

I can also speak for children everywhere. I have type1 diabetes, and
suffered through my school years with teachers as well. In fact when
attending high school I had a major run in with the Principal. 

I had to eat one day, and needed to leave the classroom when the teacher
refused to let me leave, I had explained my situation and she told me I
could wait 15minutes to the end of class. I left anyhow and she called
the Principal to let him know I went against her approval. I met up with
the Principal in the hallway, and he tried to restrain me and send me
back to class. While having a severe insulin reaction I became very
agitated. All I wanted to do was EAT!!! (all diabetics will know this
desperate feeling). I ended up with a suspension for disobeying the
teacher as well as telling the Principal to leave me alone and @#%@ well
you know. 

I can certainly sympathize with the student in this case! 

Teachers and Temporary Guardians need to be educated not only about
diabetes, but many other diseases that kids may suffer from. 

Cody J

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> As for the parents; What needs to be said that I havn't already?
> the school of your child's needs is a good thing, they did such, no
> there.

it is so very tiring after a year long battle to get safe care for my 
daughter and the battles that I know so many parents have to face to get
care........I speak for every diabetic child I know or have know when I
they are some of the bravest, most responsible people on earth....my
was diagnosed shortly after her fourth birthday, started doing her own
sticks on leaving the hospital, she has nearly died from this disease
than once, has been kicked out of day care and found wandering around
school on more than one occasion with a blood sugar in the 30's....the
at that school blamed her......sadly mine is not a solitary
story...there are 
parents fighting for basic rights for these children already dealing
with, at 
best, life altering disease.......I find it sad that an adult with a
condition would assume that the child should bear some of the burden in
case without doing any research...as I said, her parents are very vocal 
advocates who had done more than *tell* the school about her...they had
written 504 protecting her.......I also know several young teenage
and although they do have teen moods they do not allow it to affect
self care of their diabetes to the extent of taking their pumps off
without a 
reason......I have faith in these kids.....you are welcome to your
opinion, I 
find it sad...
Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now nine!
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