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RE: [IP] dawn phenomenon plus resistance at breakfast

I have exactly the same problem - reverse dawn and then insulin
resistance in the AM - my Doctor told me years ago he had never heard of
that - guess I'm not a freak after all. :)

Trial and error (mostly error) is what I do in the AM.

Hey Max, whats the secret???


 >From: "Meredith, Susan" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
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<email @ redacted> >Subject: RE: [IP] dawn phenomenon plus
resistance at breakfast >Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 14:28:56 -0700 > > >> Is
there such a thing as a "reverse" dawn phenomenon? i.e. bg's dropping
>for no apparent reason in the early a.m.? > >Yes! My son has "anti-dawn
phenomenon". He will drop like a rock overnight >if given a constant
dosage. Thank God for the pump - this was really hard to >deal with on
shots. I used to either have to force him to the 300s at >bedtime or
"juice" him at 3 or 4 am so he would wake up in range. With the >pump I
just lower his basals gradually all night, with the lowest being from
>4-6am. This keeps him in range through breakfast. On the down-side, he
is >insulin resistant at breakfast, no matter what time he eats. Whether
he eats >his first food at 8am or at noon, he always needs a higher bolus
ratio for >his first meal of the day (even though his basals have been
keeping him >steady, or even dropping, all night and through the
morning). Timing of >morning insulin is interesting also. I normally wait
until Ryan is done >eating before I give him his insulin (you know how
kids appetites can be!). >I can't do that at breakfast - he would shoot
into the 400s within 30 mins. >So I have to split up his boluses - a
little before and the rest when I see >what he really eats at breakfast.
This works sometimes, but not always. >Breakfast has always been a
struggle. > >Anyone else have any special tips for breakfast? I really
think his >resistance is tied to him doses having to be so low overnight
and then the >sudden rush of carbs in the morning. I know I should force
lower GI foods, >but darn-it, I want Poptarts to work also! So the
experiments continue ... > > >Susan >Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since
8/17/00) >and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
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