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[IP] Boca Raton Pump fiasco

On 4/28/02 12:02 PM, "email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Dear Information Officxer,
> After an incident like this I as an Insulin Pump wearer will never visit your
> fine city again.  I think it is reprehensable that your public employeews are
> not trained to recognise the differencwe between a medical device and a
> pager.  After all a pager is williamsnot hooked to the body providing support
> to person to whom it is a medical  necessity.  I am also copying this to the
> Insulin Pumpers list.
> Thank you for listening to me.  I will miss visiting your fine city in the
> future.
> Jim 

Intent is great, but I DO hope you corrected the spelling. "Officer" hasn't
got an "x" in it. And what the heck is a "williamsnot"? Like it or not, we
are viewed through 'officialdom's eyes by how we present our views.

PROOF reading is a GOOD thing <G>

Jenny Sutherland
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email @ redacted
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