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Re: [IP] Your City Policies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I withdraw my suggestion that
> the child could possibly share any responsibility.  If not then my
> assertion stands."

The child is just that - a child.  The AP is an adult whose duties include
ensuring the safety of the students at his school.  This child had a 504 in
place which clearly stated that she wore an insulin pump.  The school MUST
follow the 504 plan.  I don't expect children who are raised to respect and
even fear adults in charge, to act like adults on equal footing.  The AP
clearly handled the situation poorly, if not criminally.

"As I stated, none of us
> seem to have all the facts and jumping on the "evil" government is overly
> simplistic.  > -Sara"

I fail to see what is simplistic about expecting the school to follow what
they by federal law must.  An established 504 is non-negotiable. Period!

I for one am sick of those who don't live with this disease minimizing it.
To hear those who do live with it do the same, is nothing short of

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