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[IP] Logbooks

> Hi all,
> Hmmm, after reading digest V6 #288, there was
> something that really caught my attention: Michael's
> (and other's) suggestion of using a log. 
> I was just wondering if anyone out there has found a
> log they REALLY like. My ideal log would be small
> enough to fit in my med kit (log, spare infusion set,
> reservoir, ketostix, insulin, syringe, glucotabs, you
> get the idea), while having enough room on each page
> to note all the items Michael suggested? I would hope
> to have spaces for bg, Carb/fiber/&fat grams, insulin
> (noting whether normal/square/ or dual wave bolus),
> exercise, and probably a few other things I can't
> think of off hand. Someone sent me a log that is very
> close to what I would like, but why shouldn't that be
> made available to all interested parties?. 

....well...... take a look at the LOGBOOK page of the web site :-)

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