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Re: [IP] reverse dawn pheno.

> Sara has very low settings for night-time. It always helps to have a
> good balanced snack at bedtime, gives the body something to utilize
> over night resulting in fewer lows.

Hmmm.... when Lily was that age (she's now 18) we found that eating 
before bed made her more unstable that if her basals were set right 
and she had not eaten for 4-5 hours that her night time bg's were 
very predictible, even after sports. Throwing food into the mix made 
life more difficult. YMMV


>  We pay later in the day, her
> basal rates between breakfast and lunch are very high. It seems as
> if her natural bio-rythms are not in sync with the rest of the
> worlds. We just go with the flow and try to have good BG results.
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